Friday, July 24, 2015

The Best Memes on the Internet About Bronwyn Bishop's Expensive Trip. What Government Waste REALLY Costs Us.

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So Bronwyn Bishop, Australia's house speaker, splurged$80,000 of taxpayers dollars in a recent 2 week Europe trip, including spending over $5000 to charter a HELICOPTER to travel a mere 80km to a liberal fundraiser, and thousands in transport and tickets to the opera.

Everyone's angry. And deservedly so.. and there's apparently more she hasn't put on the list too... Her spending may be under more scrutiny too.
But this waste is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to parliamentary waste. We're spending $160,000 on a digital ad program to stopsausage sizzles at sporting grounds, we spent $4.6million to change Centrelink's (our social welfare provider) LOGOS (that's just the price to change signs and documents, not that of rebranding) and Federal MPs racked up a $200million bill in air flights in a mere 6 months in the first half of 2013 ALONE!
Both parties are responsible... and there are many more "benefits" our parliamentarians receive too. Within days of Kevin Rudd being sworn into parliament, his wife's company got a government contract, for all printing jobs I believe, for double the price of the last provider...  (she sold the company off before that of course, its value spiking before doing so, as to "avoid a conflict of interest" of course...) and other countries are just as bad... even worse. The US blew $900,000 on research into INTERNET MEMES....

Well, $80,000, the amount Bishop spent in a few weeks in Europe would have paid for 5 (of 14) rounds of the medicine that's kept me alive... Luckily, I ended up getting special consideration and getting the medication for free instead of my family having to sell our house to give me a shot at life (we would have had to seriously consider that if that approval hadn't happened...) but I know one person right now in the exact same boat as me who doesn't have that luxury and is being forced to pick between spending that money on shot of survival or dying, so he could leave more for his family...

$100,000 could pay the salaries of 2 DOCS (Department of Childs' Services) caseworkers for a year.  Imagine if you had to make a choice on who to save... a 3 year old child in a household where domestic violence between, and drug use by parents is evidenced where an anonymous tip of possible abuse was raised... a 12 year old boy who's presented to doctors with bruising around the neck or a 1 year old baby who shows signs of serious neglect, to the point of malnutrition. 

And you could only save one of them. 

These are the most overworked, morally and physically burnt out people in Australia. They NEED more government funding. And they need it now.  Indeed, almost all child services departments, and all preventative measures, like school counselors, and all regions of the world need this extra funding... if only politicians, and people would look at where that money could go instead...

As little as $5,000 can fund life, possibly, world-changing science research. This remarkable lady is making that happen, starting up a kickstarter for Scientists with Science projects.

We see government waste all the time. We hear about it... we think, "Oh... that's horrible." and after a bit of politicking by politicians, after a bit of media attention and outrage that sells papers, we walk away. 

But THIS is the price, the true cost of that waste.

How do we stop it? Systemic waste that borders corruption that can only be enforced by the ones who make the rules? Well, we could appeal to the heart of them. Apparently... they join public office wanting to serve. These revelations, which occur way too commonly seem to douse that notion, however. 
Perhaps recording all wastes and such scandals in one place, so you could check up and punish those caught abusing the system with your vote against them is a way of doing that... This idea is starting to be employed to allow voters to vote on key issues close to their heart. Marriage equality Australia has a service that allows you to find out where your local member of government stands on this issue - check it out by clicking here. There isn't such a place for government waste right now, but this is one place that's making a start on recording government scandals... 

But 'til we do have a way to hold politicians accountable... we've gotta make them pay the political price. I don't know any better way of doing that now... so here's a collection of Meme's that'll hopefully make you wanna share this so others remain outraged for more than just a week.

And finally, my personal favourite regarding the Bishop issue: